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About Us

Gringo is a brand that promotes and publishes the heartfelt Music all around the world. From coordinating the production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing to the enforcement of copyright for Music recordings, we are expert in managing each and everything. In this digitalized world record label are in so much demand that they were in a few years back and we concentrates on the general direction and genre of the entire label.

Gringo is an authentic brand and its transparent recording contract (a contract between artists and us) make the new talents sure to confirm all the contract detail before signing any contract. Our transparent and flexible contract policy for the artists makes us unique because we believe in long-term and good relation with our clients. We simply promote the albums and Music of artists through our brand and stream their Music to radio, television, and internet. Collaboration with publicists, we assist newcomers/artists in such a way that they can get huge media coverage even we make their merchandise available in different stores and outlets.