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Mumbai : Friends over love or love over friends? Many of us often get stuck in this dilemma. While some stick to their gang, others take the route of love. Shaheer Sheikh and Priyanka Khera’s music video ‘Je Na Tu Bulawe’ is all about this confusion. Yes, the much-awaited song has finally been released today to drive away your mid-week blues.

Shaheer is put in a tough situation to chose his boy gang or his crush. Well, if you bump into your crush after five long years, who would you pic – friends or crush? Naturally, one would go with their crush and this is what Shaheer does in Je Tu Na Bulawe. Shaheer allows Priyanka to stay in his house for two weeks after her boyfriend ditches her for marriage. Slowly and steadily the two break the ice and form a good camaraderie.

From spending time on beach to having meals together, Shaheer makes Priyanka feel comfortable. He tries to help her come out of the pain that her breakup has caused. Eventually, Priyanka also overcomes her pain and begins to live a happy life without her boyfriend. But, how can all stories have a happy ending? Well, Priyanka in Je Tu Na Bulawe does get a happy ending, and Shaheer, unfortunately, does not. Confused?

All the days that he spends with Priyanka, Shaheer falls head over heels in love with her. So, when he decides to express his love for Priyanka and propose to her, his life takes an unexpected turn. Priyanka’s boyfriend returns to her life and things go for a toss. She rushes to him and mends things, while Shaheer is left heart broken.

Ultimately, the lad realises that friendship is more important than love, and calls his pals to apologise and convince them to be back in his life.

Je Na Tu Bulawe is an emotionally romantic melody with soothing music and heart-touching lyrics. However, the highlight of the song is Shaheer Sheikh. He is pure magic in the song. From his look to his expressions to his performance, Shaheer is a delight to watch throughout the music video. He looks dashing in his cool outfits, and the scenic beauty of Goa is unmissable. Priyanka also looks beautiful and justifies her character.

Shaheer steals the show with his charm and acting chops in Je Tu Na Bulawe. So, even if you don’t understand Punjabi, watch Je Na Tu Na Bulawe for the handsome hunk Shaheer, and you will eventually fall in love with the song.

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