News Credits: Times of India
Punjabi singer, Miel has adopted his stage name from Spanish language. Miel’s real name is Honey Chaudhary and he changed that to Miel after discussing with a friend on getting a different stage name from his real one.

“My friend suggested that I should have a different name for professional pursuits” –Miel

Speaking of struggles for artists in entertainment industry, Miel says he too has had his fair share, just like the many others.

“I started out into Punjabi music over a decade ago, along with the others. Since then I have been struggling. The struggle of an artist is very personal to him/her and should not be discussed in public paybe that’s my thought since I am a very private person.” – ‘Iraada’ and ‘Rona Sikhade Ve’ singer

Recently, Miel, who sings in the sad genre of romance, shared a post of Sushant Singh Rajput on his Instagram handle with the caption…’Unse bichre to malum huya “MAUT” kya cheez hai…zindagi wo thi jo hum mehfil me guzaar aye..RIP sushant singh rajput…’


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